About Don Adams

500 East 3rd Street, Loft 606 — Kansas City, MO 64106-5303 — USA
Download a copy of Don Adams’ resume

Cultural development means change for the better, and making change for the better requires us to engage in some form of cultural development. Don Adams is a cultural-development pioneer, who’s worked with scores of cultural-change leaders and initiatives all over the United States and around the world.

Adams works with cultural leaders, organizations, funders, and policymakers to plan, operate, and evaluate programs, and to strengthen and extend organizational structures to achieve cultural development.

His values are resolutely democratic, aiming to build more inclusive and effective organizations, open to community input and influence and encouraging collaboration and active participation in organizational affairs. His advice has led to strong programs, organizations, and successful campaigns in such diverse fields as the arts, independent media, politics, law, medicine, anti-racist organizing and environmental activism.

In the cultural-policy arena, Adams is recognized internationally as among the strongest U.S. advocates of cultural democracy:  seeking means to encourage and support freedom, diversity and active participation in community life.  He has maintained international contacts with cultural-development practitioners since the Seventies, and his perspectives and advice in cultural development are sought by leading policymakers, program managers and practitioners in courses, workshops and meetings throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Download a copy of Don Adams’ resume


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