Consulting Services

Don Adams has consulted with nonprofit organizations, foundations and public agencies since 1978. For 25 years, he was founding partner with Arlene Goldbard in Adams & Goldbard, working independently since 2003. Adams currently specializes in several types of consulting situations:

  • Program development: overall-program and project planning, operation of pilot projects, program evaluation
  • Organizational development: structuring for democratic action, participatory management, community-engaged governance, network organization and development
  • Community cultural development: planning, training and support in CCD programming and organization, policy development, and practice
  • Situation reports: assessing the state of practice, support and development-need in any cultural field, issue area, or category of work
  • International networking: building, supporting and participating in international cultural networks for practitioners and policymakers

For more information, download a copy of Adams’ professional resume. Examples of past projects and consultations are available in each area of work. For further information, and to discuss your own organization’s situation, please email Don Adams, write him at 500 East 3rd Street, Loft 606; Kansas City, MO 64106-5303 USA or call 816/695-6158.


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